Founder of Good Model Mastery, Brandon Good, is a renowned model, actor, and influencer, whose career has had a lasting impact on the fashion and entertainment worlds. The international supermodel has been featured in publications such as Vogue, GQ, Esquire, and V Magazine, and has captivated audiences with campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Jean Paul Gaultier, and most recently, Rhianna's Savage X Fenty.

Beyond fashion, Brandon's star power extends into the music industry. He's starred in the official music videos for icons Troye Sivan, Mariah Carey, Cardi B, and Brooke Candy.

Since the start of his career, Brandon's social media presence has grown to over 100,000 followers. He has built an engaged community, collaborating on social media campaigns with luxury brands like Jacquemus, Hugo Boss, Brady, and Versace.

Originally from a small town in Pennsylvania, Brandon started Good Model Mastery as a heartfelt endeavor to give back to the community that shaped his dreams. The former D1 athlete hopes to use his experience in modeling, influencing, and acting to give up-and-coming stars the tools they need to succeed.


“Modeling is 10% what you look like and 90% what you do with it.” - Cindy Crawford

Welcome to the world of Good Model Mastery, founded by Brandon Good. This workshop is an exploration born from Brandon's passion for guiding and supporting others on their unique journeys. At Good Model Mastery, attendees will uncover their untapped potential and fully embrace their distinctive selves in a safe and nurturing environment. Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in confidence-building practices, growth mindset cultivation, and transformative self-discovery.

This workshop is a testament to Brandon's belief that everyone, regardless of their background or experience, deserves access to knowledge and mentorship. The focus here is on confidence building and mindset development, allowing each individual to flourish.

Good Model Mastery is an inclusive space open to all who desire to learn and grow. Join us on this transformative journey because we believe in unlocking potential and fostering confidence in everyone.


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